It all began as a hobby...

Mirei was born in Osaka, Japan and at the age of 6, she moved to countryside of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Mirei acquired already at a young age lots of experience with Japanese and Brazilian food from her grandmother Yae, auntie Mieko and step-grandmother Maria. She always liked cooking and making cakes.


Mirei has worked from 1998 to 2009 at "Mizusu's Japanese Restaurant" in Melbourne, Australia. There she gained experience in the hospitality industry including front-of-house management and customer service. She extended her knowledge in modern Japanese cuisine as well as Australian wines.


In 2007, after attending a course in "making espresso" at Veneziano Coffee Roasters in Melbourne, Mirei became passionate about coffee and did attend to more courses such as "Latte Art" and "Advance Espresso".

Since 2010 Mirei has been living in Switzerland and had many opportunities to grow her knowledge in the coffee industry.

One of this adventures was to participate three times in the Swiss National Barista Championship in 2013, 2014 & 2015. This event is one of the most competitive coffee event in Switzerland and around the world. For more information see below the official website:

SCA Schweiz

World Barista Championship

She also successfully passed the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) coffee diploma on Barista level 1, level 2 and Green Coffee Foundation courses.


Her creative mind did not stop there and this website contains information about what she loves doing...

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