Delicious sushi...

...traditionally made with a modern touch!


For Take-Away orders, please send us a message to check the availability due to work commitment.

*Only Pick up!

Nigiri Sushi

"A piece of raw fish or other topping on top of rice"


  • Raw or Smoked Tuna

  • Raw or Smoked Salmon

  • Tempura White Fish

  • Tempura Prawn

  • Tempura Shitake Mushroom

  • Tempura Sweet Potato

  • Cooked Prawn w/ Lemon

  • Avocado

  • Inari Tofu-Pocket

Maki Sushi

"Rolled sushi with various ingredients in a crispy roasted seaweed sheet"


  • Tuna w/ Mayo and Carrot

  • Salmon Mousse and Avocado (Mirei's Signature)

  • Crispy Chicken and Rocket

  • Kappa-Maki (Cucumber)

  • Ninjin-Maki (Carrot)

  • Avocado

  • Vegetables

  • Tempura Red-Capsicum

  • Spicy Tuna and Avocado

  • Raw Salmon

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Basic Sushi Course for Beginner

For sushi lovers...

Our course is to teach you the basic technics of making sushi at home.


*Minimum of 6 participants per course

*Duration: 3 hours

Contact us for more information!

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